The Greatest Lesson In Life

August 4, 2011

Have you ever volunteered for something because you wanted to teach or make a difference in someone else’s life?  Yet, in the end, it was you who actually became the “learner?”  This is what happened to me and Courtney a week ago when we had the chance to volunteer again for a wonderful organization where we ended up learning a great lesson in life.

Last Wednesday, Courtney and I volunteered at an overnight camp for FOCUS  at their annual overnight summer camp called Camp Infinity.  FOCUS is a great non-profit organization that provides support for teens and young adults with disabilities or medical needs.

Just as we did last summer, Courtney and I were asked to organize craft making for campers to create and take home to their special friend or family member.  However, when we arrived at the camp this time, it was so refreshing because we saw so many familiar faces from last year’s camp who were wearing the bracelets they made last year and ready to make new ones!

This camp is just amazing!  As these campers were sitting around these tables making their bracelets, necklaces, and key chains for either their favorite person – counselor, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or parent – it was also so much fun hearing about what they did earlier that day and what was their favorite activity!

Just like any camp, campers are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and participate in fun and challenging activities, such as zipline, archery, boating, the climbing wall, rope course, and swimming.  And, just like my almost 8-year-old daughter was this one beautiful girl named Emily who just loved Justin Bieber and told me she had “Bieber Fever” really bad!!!!  I told her my daughter did too.  I kept thinking that maybe my daughter, Brooke and Emily should get together and sing “Baby, Baby!”  They would both just be in dream boat heaven.

As we were wrapping up, I looked over and realized that though Courtney and I originally came to the camp pretty parched, we never had the chance to get a drink of water.  But, because we were pretty busy, we completely forgot we were even thirsty until we were almost done with our session!

We were so proud of everyone involved, including the great Camp Infinity Volunteers who huddled around and helped us and these campers.  Look at them and also the proud picture of the camper and her finished product below!

When Courtney and I were leaving the Camp, all the campers, volunteers, and staff members were so gracious and genuine.  Every single person – and I truly mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON – had a smile on their face, which made it very contagious for me and Courtney to have a smile on our faces too.  And, even though we were hot, hungry, and still thirsty, the perpetual smiles on the Camp Infinity people’s faces helped fade away all of that while we were there.

What a great lesson learned – a simple smile can help fade away any bad day!

Thank you FOCUS and Thank you Annie for inviting us back!!!

Stay tuned for future updates as we promise to be better about our updates on Jewelry, Charities, Favorite Trinkets, and the “What Nots” that can also be the next “Must Haves!”


Today is a new day…

August 1, 2011

of forgiving us for being so lame after not posting anything for over a year!  Courtney and I certainly didn’t mean to go for this long.  But then again, did anyone notice after all these months?  We hope so!

When we created this blog, we were hoping to update on a regular basis.  But honestly, we didn’t realize creating jewelry, running a business – all while collectively being full-time Moms to 5 little children all under the age of 9 – was going to be so hard!  How do these Super Moms do it?

We promise to update better.  So, since today’s the start of a fresh new start, we will start with what we did this past week.